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    Coliseum backstage tour, interval drinks, excellent Stall seats plus

    post-performance dinner in the Club

    Optional backstage tour 5.45pm, performance starts at 6.30pm – Running Time TBC

    Verdi’s Luisa Miller is a complex web of love, intrigue and oppressive familial relationships, centred on the doomed relationship of two lovers.

    From opposing sides of the class divide, Luisa and Rodolfo are united by their joint search for happiness. When Rodolfo’s father arranges for his son to make a politically beneficial marriage, their dreams of being together begin to unravel with ultimately tragic consequences.

    Revealing the composer’s innate gift for beautifully fashioned lyrical lines and sensitive orchestration, Luisa Miller points the way to the great flowering of Verdi’s art in the 1850s, with works such as La Traviata and Rigoletto.

    Featuring sensitive orchestration and beautifully fashioned lyrics, This contemporary production begins a strictly limited run of six performances at the London Coliseum in February.

    Pre-rehearsal tour of the Coliseum, interval drinks reception, excellent Stall seats plus post-performance dinner at a communal table at The Ivy Club, £45.

    To buy tickets, please contact Kerrie