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    Starts 7.30pm – Running Time TBC


    Leopoldstadt is a passionate drama of love, family and endurance from legendary British playwright Tom Stoppard (Arcadia, Travesties, The Invention of Love).  Knighted for his service to British Theatre, Stoppard is one of the most internationally performed dramatists of his generation.

    Vienna in 1900 was the most vibrant city in Europe. Humming with artistic and intellectual excitement, it was a city with a flair for enjoying life. A tenth of its population were Jews. A generation earlier they had been granted full civil rights be the Emperor, Franz Josef. Consequently, hundreds of thousands of them had fled the pogroms in the East, and many found sanctuary in the crowded tenements of the old Jewish quarter, Leopoldstadt.

    Tom Stoppard's new play, directed by plawright and director Patrick Marber, is an intimate drama with an epic sweep; the story of a family who made good.  But only for a while.  Half a century later, this family, like millions of others, re-discovered what it meant to be Jewish in the first half of the 20th Century.


    The play will be presented by a large ensemble cast that includes three sets of five children.


    Royal Circle seats plus supper pre- or post-theatre in The Drawing Room, £75.


    To buy tickets, please contact Kerrie