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    In Association with Seven Hills
    8.15am for 8.30am Start – Ends 9.30am
    The Loft


    The role of corporations in society has changed over recent years as we have entered an era of corporate activism. From taking a stance on climate change, to diversity and inclusion, the world’s biggest companies are increasingly weighing in on some of the world’s biggest issues.

    There is a plethora of research arguing that young people want to work for purpose-driven businesses, and we know that consumers are now willing to pay more for purposeful brands.

    While many organisations genuinely wish to play their part in affecting positive change, this new era of corporate activism has seen many get it wrong, with accusations ranging from green-washing to pink-washing to outright hypocrisy.

    Our expert panel examines the impact of activism in today’s ever-changing society and debates the role businesses should play in helping to address the world’s most pressing challenges.


    The event is free for members and their guests. Complimentary tea, coffee and pastries will be served prior to the talk.
    To be added to the guest list please contact Charlotte