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    Walking tour and lunch in The Library

    10am for 10.30am start – Lunch at 12pm

    Short screening and panel discussion
    The Loft


    Join Michael Duncan from Footprints of London Walking Tours to explore how women helped to make Soho what it is today.

    You'll meet Casanova's lover, a bigamous duchess and controversial club owners. You will also discover the strange story of Britain's first famous transvestite.

    There will be dark stories of exploitation, and this being Soho, there will be sex, brothels, parties, nudity, drunkenness and foul language. But don't worry, there will also be tales of inspiration, humour and hope. Learn all about three hundred years of Soho's history and the women who helped to shape London's most bohemian quarter.

    Please note, given the content of the walk, this event is unsuitable for younger children.

    Please arrive The Club at 10am sharp for tea, coffee and pastries. The tour will last approximately 1hr 30mins and will be followed by an early private three course lunch in The Library at The Club
    (inclusive of everything except drinks).

    Walking tour plus lunch in the Library after the tour £45

    Walking tour only £25

    To buy tickets please contact Charlotte