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    Demonstration and discussion

    8am for an 8.15am start – ends 9.30am
    The Loft


    For 20 years IDShas provided online systems to help publishers and creatives source images and video. The company works with all major newspaper and magazine groups, process 100k new images daily (Reuters, Press Association,  Getty + 200 others) and hold an archive of 350M images covering news, sport, celebrity, and stock content.

    In the next few years, the explosion of machine learning and AI will totally change the way in which image research is done, encouraging creativity and providing exciting possibilities for the sourcing and generation of content. New types of neural networks will allow creative artwork to be made using only basic inputs.


    What is the direction of travel for image searching and,

    are we heading towards a future of machine generated imagery?

     Instead of licensing images to fit briefs and campaigns,

    will we be able to instantly prototype the ideal photograph?

    Join us as we explore these questions and many more, and as we consider how “deep learning” will influence and change the landscape of the pictures industry we work in today.

    Matthew Carse from IDS will demonstrate what is currently possible, and show a glimpse of a future that is fast coming down the track.


    The event is free to members and their guests. Complimentary tea, coffee and pastries will be served prior to the talk.
    To be added to the guest list please contact Charlotte