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    Exclusive Art Exhibition
    From 7pm until Late

    The Loft


    Noj Barker paints dots, millions upon millions of dots. His world explores the relationship between the telescope and the microscope and he paints with a magnetic pull towards the surface and beyond. A new world is revealed as he compels you to look deeper, like stargazing, providing an hallucinogenic matrix of chroma and pattern. Some works are restrained, almost sonata like in form, others blaze the retina with a symphony of colour. It is an hypnotic meditation which invites you to step back and then forward again to look once more.

    Having dived deep into the minutiae of his painting, his work is then transformed when scanned and magnified, and transferred on to new mediums. Noj's work is now becoming recognised and even worn as a brand, primarily via an Instagram theatrical stage set inspired by his family and friends.


    His work is profound, vibrant, joyous and witty.


    Come up to the loft and immerse yourself in an extraordinary world of dots.


    Click here to visit Noj's website.

    Click here to visit @nojbarker on Instagram


    Noj's work will show in The Loft from Tuesday 21 May until Tuesday 28 May. On Tuesday 21 May you are invited to an exclusive Private View.

    This event is free for members and up to three guests and includes a welcome drink on arrival.

    To be added to the guest list or for your own extended guest list, please contact Charlotte
    To book for dinner in The Drawing Room, please contact Reservations